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Reviews – What’s it gonna be?


Reviewed by Chantel Hardge for InD’tale Magazine – June 2016 Edition

ROMANTIC COMEDY/CHICK-LIT:  After four years in a relationship with marriage and familial expectations looming and no engagement in sight, Lucy Evans begins to question what she should do with the rest of her life. Should she try and make it work with her boyfriend Matt, or should she pack it in and leave Mauritius for good? When Matt’s inability to commit leads to their breakup, Lucy feels adrift at sea without an anchor. She leans on her best friends, Vic and Olivia for support. But when a series of blind date humiliations, boozy behavior and encounters with a creepy stalker leave her shaken, Lucy realizes that it may be harder to get Matt out of her system than she thought.

Heartwarming, quirky and honest, “What’s it Gonna Be?” has just the right mix of humor and romantic tension. The author does an admirable job making the reader long for Matt and Lucy to have their happily ever after. Although the plot line seems predictable and some parts are overly long, this tale is so downright clever, funny and entertaining one can’t help but become enamored with the story and its characters. The character Lucy is especially relatable. Her chaotic and flighty manner is so endearing the reader will definitely be charmed by her zany antics! The story culminates in a sweet ending where everything comes together nicely. Perfect for a day at the beach, this book is a delightful read if one is in the mood for something a little bit different.



Reviewed by Samantha March for Readers’ Favorite

In What’s It Gonna Be? by Cassandra Piat, Lucy knows she needs to make a change. Though head over heels in love with her long-time boyfriend, Matt, she can’t be truly happy knowing Matt won’t ever take the plunge and marry her. She understands that in order to find true happiness, she needs to let Matt go, and find someone who will give her everything she wants from a relationship. After going through the breakup, Lucy is devastated. Her girlfriends try to help her move on, setting her up on blind dates, and distracting her with their own relationship dramas. But nothing is helping Lucy get over her love for Matt. Can she ever truly move on from him?

While the cover and title didn’t immediately grab my attention, the synopsis is what pulled me in. And I’m sure glad it did. This is a wonderfully written romantic comedy/chick lit read that had me laughing, shaking my head in frustration, and smiling the majority of the way. Lucy was such a lovable main character. Her quirks made her extremely relatable – clumsy, always late, a little scatter-brained – but she was easily like a friend to me. I felt extremely proud of her for ending her relationship with Matt. It’s easy to settle into a comfortable relationship, but she was determined to find the love that she deserved, and I gave her major kudos for that. The meat of the book had so many humorous moments, but also some serious ones, with the introduction of her creepy stalker. I don’t want to give too much away with the ending, but I will say, I was once again very proud of Lucy for standing her ground. She made a terrific character to center a chick lit story around, and I highly enjoyed this novel.


Reviewed by Nikita Soni of Njkinny’s World of Books & Stuff

Set on the small island country of Mauritius, What’s it gonna be? by Cassandra Piat is the story of Lucy who has been in a relationship with Matt for four years. Madly in love, she is ready to take the next step but Matt never commits!

Are Lucy and Matt destined to be together or will they just drift apart?

I loved the cover of the book and it’s unconventional title that made me go and checkout the blurb. Promising a funny, witty and entertaining story, I was not led down by this book.

The plot is simple and straightforward but still the author managed to keep me hooked and interested in the story right till the end. Every time I thought that I knew what would happen next, I was shocked to see the story take an unexpected turn!

The story unfolds like a diary and Lucy is an entertaining narrator. Her misadventures had me laughing and then visualizing her as she navigated through her chaotic life.

The characters are well developed. I loved following Lucy who is funny, loyal and yet somewhat absentminded and lazy. Reigning in chaos, her home and office is always a mess but hey! It’s her mess! She loves Matt who is charming and handsome and they complement each other but still who is afraid of the M word. Frightened that she is growing old and her biological clock is ticking, Lucy wants a family with children but is frustrated by her boyfriend’s reluctance. I enjoyed watching these two together but often wanted to smack Matt to get some sense into him. Then later I wanted to smack Lucy when she kept pining for him despite having a new and very endearing boyfriend, Jake.

I loved Jake. He leaped out to me even better than Matt. He is everything a woman wants in her man. He is handsome, caring, loyal and protective and ready to take risks. I felt somewhat sorry for him because of the whole Lucy-Matt angle. Poor him!

Olivia, Lucy’s best friend, is another great character and through her, the author gives a very interesting character study. She shows how even a strong, independent woman is ready to bow down and make unbelievable compromises in her life and self esteem just for love. I wanted to see what happened to her in the end but the story ends abruptly with no closure to her life which left me feeling dissatisfied.

Lucy’s another friend, Vic and her husband, Sam are also given ample limelight in the book and through them the author gives us an insight into a couple who have been married for over a decade with three children. Their struggles to keep their marriage and the events that give them their happily-ever-after were both funny and then endearing. I loved watching Vic brave all odds to keep her family and love alive, even if it meant having to enact some very elaborate plans! LOL

While the characters are well played, the events well planned and situations varying from hilarious, funny, saddening to romantic, the major drawback that I felt in the story was the length. The story could have been trimmed and made more cohesive and way shorter without affecting the storyline because despite being so long, several angles like Olivia’s and Jake’s are felt unfinished. I wanted to read more about these characters.

Cassandra’s writing style is engaging and she managed to make me laugh, cry and then visualize the beauty of Mauritius right from its quaint shops to the mesmerizing beaches. She is a promising author and I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

All in all, What’s it gonna be? is a fun, entertaining and light romantic read that is a great beach read. 4 out of 5 to it and recommended to all lovers of romance who also love a bit of chick lit and comedy.

4 stars


Great romantic book a love story most women would like to read with memories of own love story. I loved Vic and her kids which will remind most matured mothers how we all handled our kids when they were young, luckily they all grow up! Great laugh, easy reading, recommend to young teenagers too. Well done to the author.



If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining and intriguing story to keep you entertained on sunny beach and poolside days this book is perfect! An honest, funny and romantic tale set in the tropical island of Mauritius, it was easy to read and left me wanting more from this debut writer!



Definitely a buy for all of us who love authors who write about the realities of life (including the not so nice details) with fantastic humor…! There were countless moments of “I see exactly what she means”… Totally loved it…!!!!



I really enjoyed this book. I don’t usually read rom-com type books but as I was on holiday and this was recommended to me, I thought, why not? I’m really glad I did. This was a really fun and entertaining, light read. I loved the main character and it was also a nice change to read something set in a different kind of place (Mauritius), especially because I was on a beach holiday when I read it. I gather this is the author’s first book…I hope she writes more!



A fun, easy read made great by a truly original cast of characters. It’s impossible not to be entertained – simply loved it!



I loved this book. Light, funny and very entertaining. Could not put it down



Really fun and entertaining. Romantic, but not repetitive at all. Enjoyed it very much.

Amparo Roca 

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4 responses to “Reviews – What’s it gonna be?

  1. Isabelle says:

    I loved the book. It was funny, lighthearted and a delight to read. Even my teenage daughter loved it. Great first book by Cassandra. A worthwhile read and strongly recommended.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Josephine OLLIVRY says:

    Sometimes we are really fed up with working, cleaning up and learning more and more…this book was such a pleasure to read, relaxing, funny, great charctors…well done to the author and looking forward to read your second book soon…Strongly recommended if you just want to laugh and just switch off from time to time….

    Liked by 1 person

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