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Reviewed by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers’ Favorite in January 2017

Stuck with Me by Cassandra Piat is a romantic comedy set in Mauritius. Molly is a happy soul, always laughing and seeing the bright side of everything. But what makes a person so happy? Adam, a journalist, is assigned to find out and both are sent off on an all-expenses paid trip to Mauritius. The only thing is, Molly thinks she has won the trip in a competition so what will she do when she learns the truth? Adam is determined to push Molly hard, to see if he can break through the happiness, and Molly finds that the stranger she met on the plane just keeps on dogging her footsteps. As the holiday passes, they both find themselves drawn to each other and a tentative friendship soon gets deeper, but when Molly finds out the truth, she is heartbroken. Can they patch up their differences? And what will Adam do when he learns the truth about why Molly is always so happy?

Stuck with Me by Cassandra Piat is a hilariously heartwarming story. It was funny, it was sad in places, and it was a unique story. I loved the setting, romantic and beautiful Mauritius, and I loved the story. It was easy to read, really very well-written, a story that had me from page one. I read this almost in one sitting simply because I struggled to put it down, and that is a good indicator that the author has a winning story. It’s a bit of a roller coaster ride on the emotions in the story, from sheer happiness, infectious giggling, and the darkness of a terrible illness. It is also a story that will make people question their own feelings, to ask themselves if it truly is possible to be happy just because you have decided to be. Great story, will definitely be reading more from Ms. Piat in the future.


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