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Greatest adrenalin rush I’ve ever had!

I was looking over my old photos the other day and found this one! Me skydiving in New Zealand when I was 19 years old!

20180805_113744.jpg  That was by far the most amazing and craziest thing I’ve ever done!! What an adrenalin rush! 5,000 feet free-falling and 5,000 feet with the parachute. OMG! The feeling of just plummeting through the sky is just beyond words!

I just remember the whoosh sound as I fell. It was so loud. I screamed, laughed and screamed some more as I plunged through the sky. I remember that, 2 seconds after that photo was taken, the instructor nudged me off the plane! In my panic, I forgot to spread my arms out so we did about 3 somersaults before he finally managed to get me to open my arms! It probably only took about 30 seconds or so to fall 5,000 feet, but the feeling… just WOW!

Then when the parachute came up everything was suddenly so quiet. We drifted peacefully through the sky, passing through clouds and looking at the world below us… magical.

I think I stayed on a high for a week after that – my face hurt from grinning so much! It was so exhilarating.

I have to admit that I almost didn’t do the jump. I really tried to get out of it because I was so terrified, but my sister, Christine, who I was travelling with, wouldn’t hear of it 🙂 We had actually paid for the skydiving in Auckland when we arrived before starting on our Kiwi Experience tour around the North Island. So it was only about a week later that we reached the skydiving place!! And when I got there and saw others plummeting through the sky, I remember thinking, NO WAY! NOT A CHANCE! It didn’t look at all like fun any more. But my sister refused to let me back out, so I ended up getting into the plane with my instructor stuck to my back, my heart racing, and jumping out of it – and I’m so grateful to her for making me push my limits and try something wild.

Now that I look back, I wish I had done more daring stuff when I was younger, that I had been less scared of trying things that seemed frightening – and by that I don’t mean illegal things 🙂 – I just mean stuff like white water rafting, surfing, abseiling, canyoning…

And you, what’s the craziest adrenalin-boosting thing you’ve ever done?

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If we were having coffee…

coffee cup    Hi Everyone!

I can’t believe it’s been soooo long! I thought an “If we were having coffee” post would be an ideal way to make my comeback and catch up. So please grab a cup of coffee, or tea if you prefer, and settle down with me for a chat.

If we were having coffee, I would say that it’s been a long time since I’ve written anything and it feels great to be back! The last time I wrote, my second book, Stuck with Me, was about to come out. It’s been a year and a bit already now but unfortunately sales haven’t really taken off. I’m still hoping for a miracle 😊. It just came out in print in Mauritius a few months ago and I’m crossing fingers that it’ll go well. Sales or no sales, it’s still an awesome feeling to be able to click on worldwide websites and see my books on there. I still get the “Oh Wow! Those are my books!!” shock every time! Even if only a few people read it, it’s still an amazing feeling to know that you made someone laugh, smile and spend a few enjoyable hours with your characters and story.


amxietyIf we were having coffee I would tell you that after suffering with anxiety for years, thus including anxiety in my second book, Stuck with Me, I’m relieved to say that I’m much, much better now and that I managed to go to Europe for 3 weeks, get on the plane and do everything else without once feeling anxious – which I couldn’t believe. It was AMAZING. But this year, my 13-year-old son began suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and its heart breaking to see. I feel so powerless because I know exactly what he’s going through, how awful and hard it is to cope with it and there’s NOTHING I can do to make it go away. I talk him through it and it does soothe him a little knowing that I went through the same thing and understand what he’s feeling, but it still doesn’t make it stop. The hardest thing is not being able to make it go away for him… I would take my anxiety back in a heartbeat if it meant his would disappear… He’s only 13 years old. The worst thing with anxiety is that you’re the only one who can fight it – no one can do it for you. It’s all in your mind and you’re the only person who can get in there and stop it from taking over your life. You are the only one who can put the advice people give you into practice and use the methods there are to relax and calm down. I wish that I could just hop into his head and do it for him – but I can’t. I can only hope and pray that with time he’ll learn how to cope like I did so that he can lead a normal-ish life and start doing all the things he’s always loved doing again and that he can’t anymore. He is slowly getting better with the medication and cognitive therapy sessions thank goodness and we can only hope that it continues on like this. Do any of your children have anxiety or are depressed? I’d love to hear from you as it really helps to know that we’re not alone… If you have any tips that could help too, that would be awesome.

netflixIf we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’ve become a Netflix series junkie! 😊 Yep, I’ve gone through so many series and recently suddenly developed a weird fascination for hospital/medical series! So bizarre. I just finished watching the 4 seasons of The Night Shift and then moved onto Emily Owens M.D. I’m so disappointed that there’s only 1 season of Emily Owens as I really enjoyed that. It’s a nice mixture of cute doctors in scrubs, humour, romance and… surgical procedures 😊 (ok so I’m not a huge fan of the cutting bodies part, but the rest is great). So now I’m at a loss as to what to watch. Any suggestions other than Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls, Life Unexpected, Suits and New Girl??


If we were having coffee I would tell you that as mentioned above, we spent 3 weeks in Europe in March. It was wonderful although it was beyond freezing. We spent a week at a ski station and it snowed almost every day with temperatures ranging from -9 to -15 every day. So, soooo cold!


Seriously they hadn’t had temperatures so low in over 50 years – it even snowed on the beach in Biarritz!

After seeing the movie ‘Letters to Juliet’, my daughter and I, both huge romantics at heart, decided that we couldn’t go to Europe without visiting Verona. And I’m so glad we did. It was magical. The old town is just so beautiful and I understand why it inspired Shakespeare to write.

Anyway, we visited the courtyard with Juliet’s balcony and the wall of letters. There was something pretty special about it despite all the hype and the crowds. I don’t know if for me it was because in the movie, ‘Letters to Juliet’, there were women who acted as Juliet’s secretaries and who answered the letters that people left on the wall, giving them advice and helping them, giving the letters-on-the-wall thing a real meaning, but there definitively was a romantic vibe to the place. Except maybe for the part where everyone seems to want to take pictures with their hand on Juliet’s breast! I’m sure that isn’t something Romeo would have been very happy about – or Juliet too for that matter J!!

20180304_123030It was cute too because my daughter left a letter on the wall – she’s 15 years old and experiencing her first love. So sweet. How about you? What’s the city you find the most romantic and why?

writing againAnd before I go, I just thought I’d tell you that I’ve finally started writing again. I stopped after the release of ‘Stuck with Me’ for various reasons…

But I’ve finally picked up my pen/computer again and I’m so excited with my idea.

gril thinking about writing I’m still fine tuning the details but I’m just enjoying getting lost in my imaginative world again.

cassandra-piat If you haven’t read Stuck with Me yet, please give it a try. It’s funny and romantic but also deals with deeper issues like anxiety, relationships, family, trust and happiness – and not to forget that it set in Mauritius and includes a lot of wonderful quirky Mauritian scenes, and the last part is in Perth which also rocks.

Link: Stuck with me

A bientôt!


PS.   I first saw the Coffee posts on Suzie Speaks’ blog – check out her awesome blog here! her/ But she says that initially the Coffee posts was the brainchild of the Part Time Monster which you can check oute!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 to you all. May all your dreams come true and may the year be filled with love, happiness, good health, friendship, laughter and joy. As for me, a new year, a new beginning… time to start working on book No. 3 :-)


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Just love this…

book quote.jpg

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Valentine’s Day Fiasco







Valentine’s day can be wonderfully romantic and special, but it can also sometimes be excruciatingly embarrassing for some… like me.

So instead of sharing my best Valentine’s moments with you, I thought it would be fun to tell you about my embarrassing one 🙂 So here goes…







Okay, so I was only twelve years old at the time, but it still makes me cringe when I think about it and I remember it as if it were yesterday…

I had had a crush on this boy, Paul, for over a year. He wasn’t in my class but had been the previous year, and I thought he was amazing. He was one of the popular kids, and well… I wasn’t!


I have no idea what got into me, but I decided to send him a Valentine’s card although I knew full well that he wasn’t interested in me, and would never be.

I bought a really cute card with a teddy on it written;

If you won’t be my Valentines…” on the front, and inside,

I’ll be yours, ok?”  puppy love

It was really cute. I wrote ‘Dear Paul’ inside, and instead of putting ‘???’ after ‘from’, I wrote my name by mistake!! Realising that I couldn’t give it to him with my name in it, I tipexed it out thinking it would do the trick. So after school the day before Valentine’s, my friend (who was in his class) and I waited until everyone had left before creeping back upstairs and slipping the card in his desk, giggling and finding it all very funny.

The next day at school I felt a bit nervous at the thought that he had seen the card, yet excited because it was a bit of a thrill too. I wondered if he would figure out who it was from, but then again, never thought he would link it back to me…

Then at lunch time, I was with my friends in the corridor with plenty of other kids around, when I saw Paul making his way towards us. I blushed and my heart began to race. I was horrified and knew that he had found out that the card was from me and as he was definitely not smiling, I guessed that he wasn’t coming to declare his undying love for me – but I didn’t expect what followed…

He walked up to me and, flashing my Valentine’s card at me, he said coldly, “I know it was from you – I scratched the tipex off and saw your name!” I was so embarrassed and just stood there speechless, as everyone looked at me.

But he hadn’t finished with me yet!

To my horror, he added;

“And this is what I think of it!”  before TEARING UP THE CARD in front of me and everyone else who was watching, before dumping it in the bin and walking off!!!



It was MORTIFYING!!! I tried to act as though I didn’t care and I just laughed it off, but inside I was so embarrassed. It was awful. Needless to say that that was the first and last time that I ever sent a Valentine’s card to someone – unless I was going out with them and knew they’d be happy to get it 🙂 🙂

How about you? Any cringingly embarrassing Valentine’s day moments? Please share – I would really love to know that I’m not alone 😀







Name a character in my next novel!

12 Days Holiday Hop

As part of the 12 Days Holiday Book Hop I’m giving the opportunity to two lucky winners to each choose the name a character in my next novel out next year. It’s a romantic comedy, set in Mauritius and Perth, Australia. Each winner will also win a Kindle copy of my current novel “What’s it gonna be?”

All you have to do to enter to win is
– LIKE my Facebook page
– subscribe to my newsletter
– leave a comment below my Facebook post on what names you’d like

The first character is a housewife who, on the spur of the moment, decides she needs some time out from her husband and kids, and heads off to the tropical island of Mauritius. And there she meets Molly, the heroine of the novel.

The other character is one of Molly’s best friends, a photographer who spends his time travelling around the world taking photos!

Entries open until the end of the hop.

Thanks for dropping by and looking forward to your help in naming a few characters!

Thanks to Samantha of PageCurl Publishing and Promotion for organising the Facebook Holiday Book Hop. There are over 190 authors representing all different genres signed up and I’m thrilled to be one of them! Be sure to head over to the Facebook Holiday Book Hop page to find out who the others are and what other great prizes you could win!


Port Louis by light Festival

A few photos of the Port Louis by Light Festival that took place over the weekend in our capital city of Port Louis. It was amazing and I wanted to share it with you 🙂


The “after”…

No comment…


Yep, it was that good!!!!



The ‘before’…

cassandra-web My second book signing session…

Yep, there you have it. I am really, truly going to put myself through another book signing session tomorrow, even after my first rather nightmarish experience. Why am I doing this to myself ? Is it really worth the pain? I don’t know, but everyone keeps telling me that I have to get out there, so this is me doing exactly that! I am in a panic as I really, really hate all this marketing, putting myself forward stuff. It is so embarrassing and I just keep thinking, “What if no one comes to talk to me?”, “What if I don’t sell even ONE book?”, will I recover from the despair?

yjod oy

I’m being overly dramatic – I know – but it’s because I’m really nervous. It was just so hard the first time around, although if I’m completely honest, after the first 2 hours of NO ONE coming to talk to me, the third hour was quite fun and 5 or 6 people did come up to me, and 3 people bought my book and one even took my photo (so cool)!! So all in all, not too bad on the whole. But right now, my stomach is in knots and all I can think of is those first 2 hours instead of focusing on that last positive hour…


Okay, so let’s look on the bright side! I’m doing something to try to sell my book. That’s gotto be a good thing right? And besides, as I often ask my kids when they worry about something, “What’s the worst thing that can happen?” In this case, I don’t sell any books! Fair enough it’ll hurt my ego a little 🙂 but it’s really not the end of the world.


And when I really think about it, I actually have so much to gain from doing it; the experience will make me stronger because it’ll take guts for me to go there tomorrow despite my anxiety; it will be one more book signing under my belt giving me a better insight into what to do or what not to do to make a book signing work; I might meet some wonderful people; and most importantly, at the end of the day, I’ll be able to say ‘I did it’!


So just thought I’d share the ‘before the book signing’ feelings with you tonight 🙂 Will get back to you with the ‘after’ comments tomorrow 😀

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers in the US! Have a wonderful day.