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Greatest adrenalin rush I’ve ever had!

on August 9, 2018

I was looking over my old photos the other day and found this one! Me skydiving in New Zealand when I was 19 years old!

20180805_113744.jpg  That was by far the most amazing and craziest thing I’ve ever done!! What an adrenalin rush! 5,000 feet free-falling and 5,000 feet with the parachute. OMG! The feeling of just plummeting through the sky is just beyond words!

I just remember the whoosh sound as I fell. It was so loud. I screamed, laughed and screamed some more as I plunged through the sky. I remember that, 2 seconds after that photo was taken, the instructor nudged me off the plane! In my panic, I forgot to spread my arms out so we did about 3 somersaults before he finally managed to get me to open my arms! It probably only took about 30 seconds or so to fall 5,000 feet, but the feeling… just WOW!

Then when the parachute came up everything was suddenly so quiet. We drifted peacefully through the sky, passing through clouds and looking at the world below us… magical.

I think I stayed on a high for a week after that – my face hurt from grinning so much! It was so exhilarating.

I have to admit that I almost didn’t do the jump. I really tried to get out of it because I was so terrified, but my sister, Christine, who I was travelling with, wouldn’t hear of it 🙂 We had actually paid for the skydiving in Auckland when we arrived before starting on our Kiwi Experience tour around the North Island. So it was only about a week later that we reached the skydiving place!! And when I got there and saw others plummeting through the sky, I remember thinking, NO WAY! NOT A CHANCE! It didn’t look at all like fun any more. But my sister refused to let me back out, so I ended up getting into the plane with my instructor stuck to my back, my heart racing, and jumping out of it – and I’m so grateful to her for making me push my limits and try something wild.

Now that I look back, I wish I had done more daring stuff when I was younger, that I had been less scared of trying things that seemed frightening – and by that I don’t mean illegal things 🙂 – I just mean stuff like white water rafting, surfing, abseiling, canyoning…

And you, what’s the craziest adrenalin-boosting thing you’ve ever done?

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