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Reviews that warm my heart

on July 23, 2018

book reviews

One of the best things when you’re a writer is to discover a great new review about your book. To see that a reader has enjoyed your book, felt connected to your characters, laughed, felt emotional and basically that they felt all the the things you hoped they would while reading your story, is just the most amazing feeling in the world.

I thought I’d share a few of the reviews that touched me…

As the book is a romantic comedy, I really wanted my readers to have a good laugh. I’ll never forget the first rom-com/chicklit books I read when I was in my mid-twenties (Jill Mansell, Carole Mathews etc), where I would find myself laughing out loud and sometimes be off in fits of giggles, trying to keep it down because my now-husband was sleeping next to me! I’ve always wanted to be able to do that for my readers, to make them laugh and feel happy. But then again, I also wanted to make people care about my characters and get attached to them, and really feel for them as the story unfolds. So when I read reviews like these and see that I seem to have managed to do both, it makes me so unbelievably happy.

“There were some terribly funny moments, especially during the first half of the novel. I laughed a lot throughout this part. But I would like to add that the book was not only funny, there were some really heart warming, intense moments that touched my heart. I absolutely loved Adam and Molly’s love story.”

I giggled uncontrollably through some of the scenes, these two are such likeable characters and the scrapes they find themselves in range from infuriating, embarrassing, humorous and tears.

“Stuck With Me is one of the sweetest romance stories I’ve read in quite a while, it’s as sweet as honey and I loved it from the beginning. The characters are so likeable and I felt the happiness radiate off the pages. I found myself getting cheerful every time I read a few pages of Stuck With Me.”

“I gave this book 5 stars because it is a well written book but also because it made me laugh and cry while I was reading it. Well done Cassandra. Another brilliant book.”

“Twists and turns and wonderful characters–this is what I liked the most although I don’t read much romance. I think I should. Because I got happier while reading this novel as I smiled a lot!”

“Thinking about Stuck With Me is going to make me smile for a long time…

One of my weak points is writing descriptions. I loved dialogue and feel that it comes easily to me, but I have trouble describing scenery and just descriptions in general aren’t my forte. So when I read reviews like those below, it reassures me and makes me think that there’s hope for me yet! 🙂

“The setting for the story is stunning and Cassandra Piat has really set the scene, there were plenty of occasions where I felt as if I was right there on holiday with Molly and Adam.”

“Cassandra Piat has done a wonderful job capturing the greatness of Mauritius.”

“Stuck With Me is a beautiful, lighthearted romance, with a touch of real life tossed in just to keep it real. Piat is a master of description. (Major WOW! moment  for me when I read that 🙂 ) The exotic setting was beautifully described, transporting me to the location.”

I wanted to add realness to the book even though it was a romantic comedy. I suffer from anxiety and know a lot of people around me who do too. Its a subject that touches me and I wanted to talk about it in my book as a way of supporting those who suffer from anxiety disorders, to tell them that they aren’t alone. I also wanted to give a glimpse of what it’s like to go through panic attacks and just living with anxiety in general, so as to help those who have never experienced it to get a glimpse into this disorder so that it would help them to be compassionate when faced with someone with anxiety…  It was therefore very important for me to portray anxiety realistically and not make light of it, but at the same time not making it too serious, as my book remains a romantic comedy. It means so much to me to see that I seem to have managed to do this.

“One thing I was extremely impressed with was Cassandra Piat’s handling of anxiety. I think handling a mental health issue in a lighthearted book of this nature is difficult, it would be easy to brush it off, make light of it, or say thing that are quite inappropriate. Or equally to unbalance the book and make things too serious in a book that has a lighthearted tone. Cassandra found the perfect balance, finding the right level of serious, while keeping the easy nature of the book always bubbling underneath.”

“While it is a brilliant rom-com it also has a deeper more serious side that deals with anxiety and the resulting actions from this are dealt with sensitively and give a full explanation. I liked this added touch, that raised an already easy to read book into a memorable book for me.”

Thank you so much to all you readers out there who’ve left me these amazing gifts. It warms my heart and makes it all worth it.

For those of you who haven’t yet read Stuck with Me, it’s never too late 🙂

And for those of you who have already read it but not yet left a review, please please please do so on Amazon or goodreads. MERCI BEAUCOUP  🙂 🙂

Have a wonderful day everyone, and ‘à bientôt’ from Mauritius!

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