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Chatting with the Chicks of Chick Lit

on May 18, 2016


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Ha ha ha ha welcome, welcome everyone to Chatting With the Chicks of Chick Lit. I’m your host, Chuck Lottateeth, and I am so thrilled to be able to introduce you to some of the most fascinating characters in literature today. I’m talking about the leading ladies of Chick Lit—those enchanting, romantic, darling, sexy, sweet, funny, headstrong—and, let’s face it, sometimes downright frustrating—modern women who headline this fabulously fun genre. I’m sure you’re going to love getting the skinny on these “novel” heroines, and who knows? You might just find your new BFF on the pages of one of these books!

Today’s guest is Lucy Evans, the heroine of the romantic comedy What’s it gonna be? Lucy is 26 years old, is quirky, fun-loving and a scatterbrain who has a knack for finding herself in awkward, yet hilarious, situations. We thought for a minute that she wouldn’t be coming , but it seems she was just running a little late. Here she is now, so, without further ado, please put your hands together and show some love for today’s guest…


Chuck: Hello Lucy, it’s lovely to have you here with us today

Lucy: Hi Chuck, hi everyone. It’s so exciting to be here. I’m so sorry for being late…

Chuck: Never mind, you’re here now and that’s what matters. So shall we start then?

Lucy: Yes, let’s do it Chuck!

Chuck: Okay, here goes; Lucy, if you were a shoe, what kind of shoe would you be?

Lucy: A shoe? Er… well, I’m not much of a shoe person (I know, I know, weird right? Me being a woman and all…), but I guess if I had to compare myself to a shoe, I would definitely be a comfy pair of trainers with a few holes in them, mix matched laces and a few stains here and there.

Note: Just so we’re clear, the fact that there are mix-matched laces doesn’t have anything to do with me trying to be fashionable…


Chuck: (laughs): Right! Now for something a bit different but a question I’m sure you’ve thought about before: What are the three items you would absolutely need to have with you if you were shipwrecked on a desert island?

Lucy: Well, I th-

Cassandra: Well, that’s easy… Ian Somerhalder of course!


Chuck: Oops, sorry ladies and gentlemen it looks like the interview has been hi-jacked by Cassandra Piat, author of ‘What’s it gonna be’ – the book in which Lucy is the star.

Cassandra: Oh no, I’m so sorry Chuck and Lucy. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut, but I promise to butt out now and leave Lucy to it… (<<laughs sheepishly>>)

(Lucy and Chuck laugh)

Chuck: So, let’s get back to your three things Lucy.

Lucy: Okay… let me think, so first and foremost, my Kindle which of course would have a solar powered charger (I read that in a book recently where the girl, who had crash-landed on a desert island… had a solar powered rechargeable mobile phone!!! How cool is that? This said, I’m not much one to search the net and find out about all the new technologies, so I’ve got no idea if that exists in real life or not – but as we’re talking hypotheticals here, I’ve decided that it does, and I now have one on my Kindle 🙂 ).

Next, I’d definitely bring a big notebook and pens as I need to keep my creative jujus working (in case I get inspired and think of amazingly great ideas for potential future campaigns to impress my boss when I get back  🙂 ). I also love drawing doodles and  keeping a journal – and it would help to keep me sane.


Oh hey, it might also be useful for doing the whole ‘message in a bottle thing’ – I’ve always wanted to do that!

Okay, next… well I’d have to say a hammock. I mean, what could be more perfect than lying in a hammock on a beautiful island…?? Oh actually, I know! Eating chocolate while lying in a hammock on a desert island! Yep, it’s pretty amazing but my hammock came with a mega huge bag of chocolates! It was a special deal when I bought it so it counts as one item… right Chuck?



Chuck (laughing): Wel-ll, I’m not sure Lucy… but I’ve got to say that I like your cheek, so yeah, let’s say it counts as one item.

Lucy: YES! (Lucy punches the air in victory). Thanks Chuck – you’re the best! But Chuck, I have to add that it’s really important that I be shipwrecked with someone practical like Matt  – you know, someone who would think of bringing a lighter, a pen knife and drinking water – otherwise I really don’t like my chances…

Chuck: I think you have a point there Lucy, but hey, this is your shipwreck, so you can create it any way you want and bring whoever you want with you right?

Lucy: You’re just the best Chuck!

Chuck (laughing): Okay Lucy, so let’s move on now with the next question. This one will give us a little idea of your romantic side… What would be the perfect date for you if you had only $ 15 dollars?

Lucy: Oh that’s easy! Matt and I on the beach at sunset with a chilled bottle of white wine and a box of sour cream Pringles… What could be more perfect?

Chuck: Sour cream Pringles?? Hmmm… well I can think of a million other things that would top sour cream Pringles, but this is your perfect date not mine isn’t it?

Lucy: (laughing) Yes, and don’t spoil it for me Chuck!

Chuck (chuckles): Actually, come to think of it, nothing beats those sour cream Pringles!!

Lucy: (laughs) That’s the spirit Chuck!

Chuck (laughs): How about if you up the stakes a little and say that you had $50 to spend on that perfect date?

I guess then it would be sharing a delicious pizza and a good bottle of red wine with Matt (which Matt would choose as I have no idea what’s what where wine’s concerned!) and we’d snuggle up on a comfy sofa in front of a fireplace in winter…


Chuck: That sounds wonderful. How about with $ 5,000?

Lucy: Oh wow, that’s a lot of money. I have no idea what I could do with that. I have to say here that I have no idea what anything costs – I am hopeless with money and when it comes to budgeting and planning my expenses, and knowing what costs how much, I’m terrible!


But let’s say I would find it pretty cool going to Venice with Matt and riding on a gondola with him one night when it’s the full moon (although with my track record that could be potentially dangerous and I just hope that I wouldn’t end up in the water!!).


Chuck (laughs): Am I correct to deduce that you are on the clumsy side Lucy?

Lucy (giggles): That’s an understatement. I’m not sure if its clumsiness or just my scatterbrain, but I often find myself in embarrassing situations.

Chuck: It must make for an exciting life though?

Lucy (laughs): I guess it’s one way to look at it!  But anyway, back to my trip… I think I’d like to head to then go to Austria by train and stay there in a log cabin in the mountains for a few days. And finally, maybe spend a few days in Paris, going to the Café Theatres every night, strolling through the streets of Paris, going on the ‘bateau mouche’ at night, visiting Montmartre, Notre Dame de Paris…

I hope that all this falls within my budget… but I’m not much of a glamour girl and wouldn’t want to go and eat in the most expensive restaurants or stay in flashy hotels. I enjoy the simple things in life so I think we should manage on our given budget.

Chuck: That sounds grand Lucy! And who knows, maybe one day Matt will take you to all these places. Now for the next question, something a bit different this time; If your best friend is asked to describe you in five words. What would they be?

Lucy: Hmmm… that’s a hard one. Okay, let me see… she would probably say that I’m loyal and am always there for my friends, which I guess I do try to be. I think she’d say that I’m quite easy going and fun too. I tend to laugh a lot and try to make things fun. I think she’d probably mention that I’m completely disorganised, a major scatterbrain and always, always late!

Chuck: And now, how about if your nemesis is asked to describe you in five words?

Lucy: Nemesis? I don’t actually think I’ve got a nemesis so to speak… it doesn’t really go with my personality. I guess I can imagine that some people find me annoyingly scatter-brained, hopelessly disorganised, exasperatingly always late, messy and lacking a bit of fashion care (I sometimes forget to brush my hair, I don’t wear make-up, and as I’m often – okay, so always – late, I tend to put on whatever’s clean and ironed and they aren’t always the greatest ensembles!!)

Chuck (laughs): And you mentioned that you were a secretary??

Lucy: I know! How can that even be possible? But I didn’t say that I was a good secretary now did I?

(Chuck and Lucy laugh)

Chuck: Okay, let’s move on. Now for something fun: If you could be the heroine in any chick flick, who would you be and why?

Oh wow, I love chick flicks and have so many actresses I would love to be! It’s so hard to choose. But I think that if I had to choose the one that would fit me the best – it would definitely be Bridget Jones.


We are scarily similar in so many ways! But hey, I would get to star with – and even kiss – Hugh Grant… That would be so amazing. I could listen to his accent all day!

Oh my God! What’s the time please Chuck?

Chuck: Twenty past eleven.

Lucy: Oh no! No, no, no. I have to go Chuck!  I have another appointment at half past eleven and I’m going to be late! I’m so sorry for leaving in such a rush but I just didn’t realise how late it was already! Thank you! Thank you so much for the wonderful interview – it was such fun!

Chuck: It was my pleasure Lucy and it was lovely to talk to you too. I hope we’ll … Oh okay, she’s gone. Oops, she just tripped on the way out and her bag went flying, as well as everything that was in it. Oh dear, the poor girl, I’d better go and help her out (chuckles.) Thank you all for listening to us this morning. I hope you enjoyed spending time with Lucy as much as I did.

And… here’s a list of all the other great leading ladies of Chick Lit I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing this month :

Tracie Banister – Willa & Sloane

Tracy Krimmer – Chelsea

Amy Gettinger – Rhonda

Jayne Denker – George, Celia & Jordan Leigh

Karen M Cox – Catherine

Maggie Le Page – Becky Jordan

Whitney Dineen – Mimi Finnegan

Colette Kebell – Gigi

Hilary Grossman – Annabel & Beatrice

Bernadette Maycock – Heather & Sarah Greene

Cat Lavoie – Peri McKenna

Katie Oliver – Natalie Dashwood

Glynis Astie – Meri Palmer

CeCe Osgood – Dorsey Bing

Stacey Wiedower – Jen Dawson

Camille Di Maio – Julianne Westcott

Nikki Le Clair – Phoebe & Edie

Laura Chapman – Harper Duquaine

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16 responses to “Chatting with the Chicks of Chick Lit

  1. Great read! Thanks!

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  2. Great post, Cassandra! I loved Lucy in this interview! Poor thing, she doesn’t know how to make a graceful exit, doe she? 😉 Thanks so much for including links to all the other Chuck interviews.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks Tracie! So glad you enjoyed it. I had a lot of fun writing it 🙂 Pleasure for the links! It was fun reading all the others too – haven’t finished yet but will get to it later today. Can’t wait! Thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That was such a fun post! Happy Chick Lit month!

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  4. Such a great post! I think it’s fabulous that so many writers have teamed up to write a series of interviews for #ChickLitMay. Brilliant! And I agree with you – I’d be Bridget Jones, too. But I’d change the wine from white to red and the chip flavor from Sour Cream Pringles to Cool Ranch Doritos. Just sayin’.


    • Thanks so much Julie! IT was a lot of fun writing it and some of the other posts were just hilarious too. It was such a fun idea to put ourselves in our character’s shoes. I guess for me it wasn’t too hard as she’s pretty much a replica of me when I was 25 – but then again, that was a long time ago!!! 😀 So I was tempted to put things that I liked today but not when I was 25. Example: Definitely with you on the red wine thing 😀 Thanks so much including me in the blog hop again and for dropping by 🙂
      P.S> I would still be Bridget Jones if it were me writing today though 🙂


  5. Oh, sitting by a fire 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t it just wonderful? I actually love being in front of a chimney fire and we actually have one at home – but unfortunately it wasn’t correctly built so the smoke slowly but surely ends up making its way into the house! But every year we stubbornly decide to try to have one and then end up having to open all the doors and windows to let the smell and smoke out!! thus meaning that we spend the rest of the evening freezing our butts off 😀 But we still do it again the following year!! I guess I’m still hoping for a miracle and that one day it’ll suddenly stop doing that 🙂 A girl can dream right?


    • Thanks! It was a lot of fun writing it and trying to get into my 25 year old heroine’s mind. Ok, so it wasn’t that hard as she’s basically me when I was 25, but still – the me being 25 thing was a looooong time ago now 😀 Anyway, thanks for dropping by and having a read. the


  6. macjam47 says:

    OMG! This was such a fun post.

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  7. sandiedocker says:

    Fun interview.

    I reckon I’d be Rachel from Something Borrowed by Emily Griffin.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading it 🙂 It’s actually Lucy, the character in my book, that would be Bridget Jones 🙂 But as she is a carbon replica of me when I was 25, I guess that probably means that I would pretty much be Bridget Jones too 😀 😀


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