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The “after”…

on November 27, 2015

No comment…


Yep, it was that good!!!!



2 responses to “The “after”…

  1. Omg should I even ask? Sounds like it was probably like my signing…blah. Your book is fabulous and i wish you weren’t a million freaking miles away because I’d be lining up to see you and get your autograph 😉

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  2. That is the nicest thing I’ve heard in a long time – thank you so much Carissa! You made my day, month and year 😀 I would really love to meet you too – its sucks living in the middle of the Indian Ocean so far from everything and everyone!! Anyway, about the book signing… you don’t want to know!! But i’ll tell you because you’re so nice 😉 NOT ONE person came up to talk to me, have a look at my book or acknowledge me in any way!!!!!!! Ended up having a glass of wine and taking stupid selfies of myself to send to my friends and pass the time!! That’s the last book signing I do (unless I become well known/famous anyway 😀 – so yeah, probably my last book signing ever 😀 ) Oh well, there you have it! I just think that I really need to take a course in marketing and promotion because I really suck at it!! Anyway, thanks for your lovely message 🙂


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