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Your favourite scene?

on November 19, 2015


I was asked to put an excerpt of my book in my recent author interview with Nikita from Njkinny’s World of Books & Stuff and realised that I had no idea which one to pick! It’s so hard selecting just one scene and one you think will make others want to read your book…


It’s a stressful decision because it could be one that makes or breaks it for a potential reader!

So, I decided to ask you for your help so that I will be ready should the situation arise again in the future, because after all, who better to ask then my readers themselves right?

So this is addressed to all you lovely and wonderful people who have read my book: Would you please take a minute to let me know what scene you found the funniest or just the one that you preferred for whatever reason it may be…

But so as not to spoil the fun for future readers, please don’t give too much away – just a brief ‘movie scene’ or ‘blind date scene’ is perfect! On the other hand, if you want to embellish it with things like; “had me rolling around laughing”, “funniest thing ever”, “laugh out loud moment” and stuff like that, you are more than welcome to!!   imagesWBN21T3P

Anyway, thanks in advance for your feedback – and especially for having read my book :-).


P.S. Okay, okay, so maybe I’m also asking you this because the excerpt thing actually provoked my curiosity and now I’m just dying to know which parts you all preferred!! But either way, please let me know 🙂


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