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on September 9, 2015

Finlay et moi

Yep, yesterday I did my first radio interview with Mr Finaly Salesse on Radio One!

It felt completely surreal as I made my way towards Radio One. What on earth was I doing going to Radio One? ME? On the RADIO??! So bizarre…

I guess I still have trouble realising that I actually wrote a book, that’s it’s out there, that people are actually buying it (ok, not a lot but still)  and even enjoying it :-), so it still surprises me when I see my face in a local newspaper or magazines, and now to be speaking on the radio!!!

I was so nervous when I arrived. I felt all jittery and my hands were all clammy! But when Finlay came to fetch me he was so friendly that I relaxed straight away. As he lead the way, I couldn’t believe I was heading to a recording studio! And then when I sat down in front of the big Radio One microphone and they did a ‘microphone sound check’, I almost felt like a Star!!! (I did say ‘almost’) 😀 At first my voice was all squeaky but after a few minutes and a few sips of water, it was back to its normal squeakiness thank goodness! Must have been the nerves!

Anyway, by the time we started recording I was relaxed and didn’t really realise that I was on the radio. It just felt like I was talking one on one with Finlay.

It lasted about 6 minutes and I have the impression that I forgot to say all the important stuff, but it was an experience!

Not sure how much I will enjoy hearing myself on the radio when it airs on Sunday however!! Might not listen actually… but then again, I know I won’t be able to resist!!

It will definitely be completely surreal to hear myself and to know that thousands of people will be listening to me as I talk!!! Poor things!

Anyway, just wanted to share another adventure in my new life as an ‘author’ 🙂

P.S> One thing that’s really great about the radio is that you don’t have to worry about what you look like! Best thing ever!


6 responses to “MY FIRST RADIO SHOW!

  1. MacJoyful says:

    Record it for your fans. You know you want to. 😇

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  2. I’d listen to it.

    I did a radio interview that was almost 10 minutes. People would be shocked to learn HOW LONG time take on the radio. Dead air = death.

    I also don’t think I said anything I wanted to say. I may not even have been coherent. But I’d do it again (with notes maybe.)

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    • I am really not looking forward to hearing myself on Sunday (cringe) I am Mauritian so I speak French fluently but there are a lot of words I have trouble finding – for example instead of saying my book could be found in the ‘bookshops’ I know I said my books were available in the libraries!!! But it was a fun experience 🙂 Glad it’s airing on Sunday though when most people I know will be on the beach 🙂

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