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Ebook giveaway… 5 copies of What’s It Gonna Be?

on August 22, 2015


This week I’m giving away 5 ebook copies of the my novel “What’s it gonna be?”

Head over to my Facebook page to enter. Competition open until Friday 28th of August 8pm GMT.

What’s it gonna be? is a romantic comedy with a Mauritian twist to it!

Lucy and Matt live in Mauritius and have been going out for over 4 years. Lucy now considers that it’s more than time that Matt pops the question but Matt, a major commitment phoebe, has trouble taking the plunge despite being madly in love with the quirky and fun-loving Lucy. Add to that a gorgeous Englishman and a stalker and Lucy’s life becomes very complicated…

Olivia, her best friend and colleague, has never had much luck on the love side until her brother subscribes her to as a joke. And there she meets a perfect-on-paper Frenchman, Pierre… is he the one she’s been waiting for? Can a romance really develop over the internet? Is he really as wonderful as he seems?

Wildly eccentric Vic, Lucy’s childhood friend, and Sam have been married for years but suddenly his new high profile job has him out until all hours of the morning. Vic is sick of staying at home alone with the kids and more so as she begins to wonder if Sam might not be playing away. She decides to find out what is going on…

Follow Lucy, Matt, Olivia and Vic as they try to find their way to true love despite all the hurdles on the way. Sometimes the hardest thing is deciding whether it’s worth holding on to or letting go…

Funny, heartfelt and light-hearted, with wonderful main characters that you’ll want to take home with you… not to forget the exotic edge and wonderful island feel it has to it being set in Mauritius.


I loved the book. It was funny, lighthearted and a delight to read. Even my teenage daughter loved it. Great first book by Cassandra. A worthwhile read and strongly recommended.


Great romantic book a love story most women would like to read with memories of own love story. I loved Vic and her kids which will remind most matured mothers how we all handled our kids when they were young, luckily they all grow up! Great laugh, easy reading, recommend to young teenagers too. Well done to the author.


If you’re looking for a fun, entertaining and intriguing story to keep you entertained on sunny beach and poolside days this book is perfect! An honest, funny and romantic tale set in the tropical island of Mauritius, it was easy to read and left me wanting more from this debut writer!


Definitely a buy for all of us who love authors who write about the realities of life (including the not so nice details) with fantastic humor…! There were countless moments of “I see exactly what she means”… Totally loved it…!!!!


Great book, easy read. Loved the Mauritian and Australian links in the book.

Review from

I loved it! Once I started reading it I could not put it down! A lighthearted, delightful story with interesting characters. I so enjoyed the open and direct style in which it is written, bravo to Cassandra as a debut writer you have done well!


I really enjoyed this book. I don’t usually read rom-com type books but as I was on holiday and this was recommended to me, I thought, why not? I’m really glad I did. This was a really fun and entertaining, light read. I loved the main character and it was also a nice change to read something set in a different kind of place (Mauritius), especially because I was on a beach holiday when I read it. I gather this is the author’s first book…I hope she writes more!


A fun, easy read made great by a truly original cast of characters. It’s impossible not to be entertained – simply loved it!


I loved this book. Light, funny and very entertaining. Could not put it down



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