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Those errors that escape us!

on August 17, 2015


It’s funny how many times you can go through and edit your manuscript and still certain things escape you! After months of having published my book, recently my sister noticed while re-reading it, that in one of the first chapters my main character, Lucy, arrives at the movies in her car, but is then dropped off home by her boyfriend Matt! I must have read and re-read my manuscript hundreds of times and yet I never noticed it! I have corrected it in my eBook on Amazon and on Create Space, but the printed copies on sale in Mauritius have gone out like that! It doesn’t really matter because most people won’t even notice it, but still, it’s frustrating how things like that escape us during editing, re-editing, re-re editing…

I was wondering whether anything like that had happened in one of your books? I’d love to hear your experiences – after how long did you notice the error, if you were able to change it or if you just left it, if they were major or just minor blunders…

Thanks for your comments 🙂


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