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How much of our personal lives end up in our books?

on August 3, 2015

In my first book, there were a lot of things about my personal life and although the facts were twisted and exaggerated, there remains some elements of truth in there… The main characters are inspired by my husband and I, my grandmother is in it etc etc

In my second book, I have also dealt with a subject that touches me personally and my third book is slowly developing and although it doesn’t seem to deal directly with something personal, I have a feeling that it will happen along the way…

How about you? Do your books always hold something personal about you or your life or does it work out that the more you write the more you manage to completely leave yourself out of it?

I would really love to hear from all you lovely authors out there and anyone else who may have something to share 🙂

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7 responses to “How much of our personal lives end up in our books?

  1. DMaddenMMA says:

    I haven’t yet written a book, but I notice the day-to-day truly guides the images I attempt to transpose on my readers. It seems inevitable.

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    • It also seems inevitable to me as I’m only on my third book, but I would really be curious to know if authors who are on their 6th or 10th books or whatever, are still as inclined to put personal things and thoughts into their books. Thanks so much for your comment. You’re my one and only comment and am so excited as I love getting feedback from my posts 🙂


  2. wccunningham says:

    My book (first) is in progress but I have a few short stories out there. There is a little bit of me and others I know in all my writing. For me personally, it’s hard not to considering there is so much to draw from from real life, then play with it or tweak it as needed.

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    • Hi! Thanks so much for your feedback. I think you’re right – there’s probably a bit of the author in every book we write. For my part too, I can’t imagine writing a book and not putting issues and things that touch me in it. Anyway, thanks again 🙂

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  3. I have been struggling with this…. Because I took some time to do some fine arts training and I learned that in the beginning you add a lot of your attributes into your work. As you grow in experience, you don’t do this as much. So I am learning that I need to incorporate some of my own experiences into my story greatly exaggerated or covered in metaphors. I think eventually with practice my stories will always have a mark of me but it will grow less and less distinguishable…

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  4. Renee says:

    I’m partway through my first draft and there are lots of things from personal experience in there. I’m going with the write what you know approach, so I’m taking things from my world.

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