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Here it is! My very first magazine article :-)

on July 9, 2015

So here it is people! My first article in a Magazine! It’s just so surreal. Hate the photo, but that’s to be expected 🙂 Then again at least you can’t see my red and watery eyes (from me poking my eyeliner into my eyes just as the photographer arrived for those of you who haven’t read that post!!!) Anyway, I have translated it into English for all you lovely English speakers out there. It doesn’t say too much about the book’s storyline but it’s fun and I’m quite happy with it. Merci Martine! So here goes;

article Essentiel


Under the pen name Cassandra Piat, this English tutor has just published her first book, “What’s it gonna be?”

Can a book be written and read without any pretentions? Yes, especially if the author is sincere and if the tone is light-hearted. Although the cover of this book is intentionally somewhat clichéd in the hope of inciting tourists and foreigners in need of a bit of exoticism to buy it, What’s it gonna be?”  is however a lovely surprise and is full of humour. Sandrine Piat allowed her imagination to flow freely while being inspired by events and people in her surroundings. As a result her book, a modern romantic comedy that takes place in Mauritius, is funny and light-hearted. It tells the story of three couples as they meander their way through life.

“My aim wasn’t to write a literary piece. All I hope for is to make readers have a laugh, relax, and switch off from real life for a while,” explains Sandrine Piat.  She admits that writing descriptions is not her forte but she loves writing dialogues. There are in fact a lot of conversations between the characters in the novel and it’s a real treat. Lucy, the main character, who is a bit of a scatterbrain, has a lot of Sandrine in her character, although it is not her story.

“Although the character traits of the heroes/heroines in my book were inspired by my friends for the most part, Lucy, for her part, is definitely me!”

Lucy, a  26 year-old girl who is forever running late, works in an Advertising Agency and wishes more than anything that her long-time boyfriend, Matt, finally pops the question. However, she has become quite disillusioned and is no longer sure of anything. It is with a smile that we follow her as she goes about her daily life. Her thoughts and questionings aren’t always frivolous and we end up growing really attached to her as the author presents her flaws and uncertainties with a wonderful touch of humour.

Her best friend, Olivia, thinks that she has found love through… She is also a very lovable character with a lot of charm and a great sense of humour.

Although it took the author ten years to finish her book – due to a tendency not to persevere and see things through to the end – she has the merit of having finally self-published her book.

“The book initially came out as an eBook, but then the urge to have a paper copy under the thumb became too strong.” She thus contacted a printing house, Le Printemps Ltd, and had 1,000 copies printed out, and started selling a few to friends and family.

“It’s only when the boxes of books were delivered to me that I realised that it was real and that I felt the stress rising. I have managed to sell some copies but marketing and sales is really not my thing,” says Sandrine honestly.

Sandrine Piat organises her time between her husband Robert and her three children (Lea, Damien and Christopher), the students who take English lessons at her home in Floreal and her writing.

“If finishing my first book was a work of many years, when I suddenly decided that I had to finish it once and for all, it took me three months to get it finalised and printed,” she says laughing.

Born in England, she returned to Mauritius almost 20 years ago. She spent her childhood and adolescence between the UK, South Africa and Australia as her father, a paediatrician, moved for his work. She chose to write in English and change her pen name to Cassandra, because Sandrine in English is too much of a mouthful.

Her imagination is also fed by her numerous backpacking trips that she took with her sister after finishing school. Together they discovered places such as Bali, New Zealand and Europe by train.

Her love of writing began at a young age with endless diaries and travel diaries, and continues now with this first book and a second one already finished. Due to her ability to observe the world around her, she finds inspiration through others but then adds her personal touch and a good dose of humour.

By Martine Luchmun

On sale in bookshops around the island.


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2 responses to “Here it is! My very first magazine article :-)

  1. fabienne lenoir says:

    Bel article.. bien écrit et jolie photo de cassis.. Malgré le eyeliner rater..


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