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“I’m not a Robot”

on July 6, 2015

Just been on a few sites where I had to tick the I’m not a Robot box, and then do their little picture test (e.g.. click on all pictures with an ice cream in it) and I realised that I feel really nervous every time the images come up. I have to laugh at myself because its so ridiculous, but I suddenly feel like I’m at school again and sitting a test and feel like “oh jeepers! I’ve got to get this right!” It just cracks me up afterwards because I feel like ‘oh thank goodness! I passed! Yayyy!”

Does anyone get like that or is it just me?? yeah, just me… I thought so 🙂


2 responses to ““I’m not a Robot”

  1. Interestingly clicking the ‘I am not a robot’ button is one I’m confident about – once I’ve done my morning yoga I feel less and less like a robot so I click away with confidence!

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