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on July 1, 2015


Yes of course I would really like to be normal and like everyone else, but then again, I wouldn’t be me!

It’s true that when I missed my son’s class dance/show the other day because I was late… again! I felt so guilty and so awful and I really really wished that I could be like all the super mums (or just normal mums I guess!) who had arrived ten minutes before it started and were now sitting in the front row with their cameras ready and filming (and their batteries 100% full and their memory card empty to make sure that they actually had plenty of room to film and take photos of their child!!)… Yes, I really really had wished that I could be like them, especially for my children…

But then again, as I thought later, my children get to have all sorts of adventures to tell their friends about because of me!!! Ok, so it’s not always a good thing for them and I’m sure sometimes they just wished there weren’t so many funny things their mum did!!! But hey, I do try to be more ‘normal’ but when I ask them if they wanted me to change, they all said, “Change? Why? Oh, well maybe just the getting- to-school-late-everyday thing…” but that’s pretty much it. So I’m happy. My husband moans and groans but I’m sure he would be sooooo bored if I did everything he expected me to do, whereas now, he just never knows what I’ll remember and what I’ll forget, so it’s non-stop suspense for him 🙂

And hey, “normal” or not, I’ve written a book, so that’s pretty cool right ?!

Anyway, just wanted to share my new little car decoration with you – it will be proudly swaying off my rear view mirror as of today 🙂



  1. MacJoyful says:

    That shirt is so me! I need one but in a far bigger size. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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