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Feeling nostalgic…

on June 16, 2015

Just felt so nostalgic for my single days yesterday…

For those days when I came down with the flu (like now) and all I had to do was ring up work to tell them that I wouldn’t be coming in – and then I just falling back into bed and sleeping all day… What bliss!

Being a mum, there’s just no time to be sick! Here’s a little look into my day yesterday after waking up sore all over, coughing and sniffling, and basically just feeling very rough and just wanting to crawl back into bed…

Ok, so the day started off well as I didn’t have to get up a 7am to do the school lunch and school run as it was a public holiday! But little did I know… I had just finished my 2nd coffee at around 8.30am when my 6 year old begged me to play a game of babyfoot with him! After saying “no, I’m sorry but mum’s not feeling well today” he carried on begging me to at least just play ONE game with him. So mum’s guilt trip thing takes over and so there I am at 8.30am playing a game of babyfoot!!

At 9am I had just snuggled back into bed when my 12 year old comes to inform me that there is no toilet paper in the house and that she’s just used up the last of the paper serviettes in the kitchen (how does that even happen!??!). So drag myself out of bed cause looks like its time to do the shopping as there is no more of anything left anyway! So it’s off to the supermarket I go!

When I get back, same 12 year old asks me if I can drop her off at her friends house… Off I go. By this time it’s about 11 am and I’m just dreaming of getting back into bed… My 6 year old then starts telling me that I had promised to make his birthday invitations today (true) and gives me his list!! I promise him that I’ll do it later… yah! off to bed!

Just then I’m intercepted by my 10 year old who asks me if I can help him make cupcakes – major groan from me, but mum guilt factor kicks in again and I say, OK!

By the time all that’s done, it already lunch time. Feeling happy that I’ve done something for everyone, I hop into bed and manage to stay there for at least 45 minutes before the fights start and I’m called in to referee, I give up and get up.

Basically the day just keeps going on like that – dropping them off at sports club, doing invites (cutting out 20 arsenal tshirt shaped red cardboard things, printing out invite text and cutting out 20 and gluing one on each!), then picking up 12 year old from friends, dropping at dance class, picking up boys, dropping off maid, finishing invites… and by the time I get back from picking up my daughter at her dance class its already 7pm… and I managed to get 45 mins rest for my day!!!

Ok, so basically, all this to say that I really missed my days of being single yesterday!!! The pure luxury of having only yourself to worry about… No one to look after, feel guilty about, discipline, feed, drop off, pick up, play referee for, feed … Heavenly…

But then again, I wouldn’t trade my husband and kids for the world because in the long run this is all so much more fulfilling… And basically, what I realised, is that my colds and flus used to be so much worse when I was single because I had nothing else to do but to wallow in them, whereas now, my kids (and my life in general) keep me on my toes non stop and don’t allow me one minute to think about how sick I’m feeling 🙂

Oh the joys of motherhood 🙂


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