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Social media jargon!

on June 8, 2015

Oh my God! I am so lost in this big wide world of social media! Blog, reblog, favourite, tweet, retweet, embed tweet, boost it, troubleshoot Thursday, share, Press this, forward link, add link, find link…

I actually asked someone on Facebook the other day if there was a way to retweet on Facebook as everyone had written “ok retweeted” under her post!!! She must have had a good laugh 🙂 But hey, I guess now I know that retweets are only on Twitter whether they say it on Facebook or not! As for the “boost it” thing – still have no idea how that works but hey, one day at a time right? The funny thing in all this is that I actually thought that getting my book written and published would be the hardest part 🙂

But I must say that although I’m completely out of my depth most of the time, it’s all kinda fun and I’m discovering a whole new world and a lot of lovely people.

Have a lovely day everyone 🙂


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